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Saf-T-Cab Inc

manufacturing technologies

Saf-T-Cab operates multiple manufacturing facilities in North America, located in Fresno, California, USA and London, Ontario, Canada. These plants use some of the latest in CNC, semi-automatic, and automatic manufacturing processes to produce quality ROPS and cab products, to arrive, just when you need them. And, we employ and ISO 9000 based quality system to ensure our products are manufactured to exacting standards…
every time.

Saf-T-Cab engineered solutions are designed for manufacturability, integrating all of the core strengths within our organization. This concept of designing for assembly delivers competitive, brilliant ROPS and cab products that in turn enhance your bottom line.

And, Saf-T-Cab is more than just roll over protective structures and operator cabs. We also engineer and manufacture job specific attachments and vehicle component part weldments to meet a variety of specific customer needs.